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Do YOU want your Logo at your Customers Desktop..?

It's pure and simple! Your Web Page, Your Settings - Your Customers Desktop, Your Customers Settings.

When you Go Diafco! You get a totally new way to interact with your Customers...

Send messages directly to your Customers Desktop.
Recognize your Customer by a unique number.
Redirect your Customers by unique numbers.
Track by unique number in your log.
No Cookies needed anymore.
- and much more...

The Ultimate Shortcut offers a unique opportunity to interact with your customers WITHOUT the use of Cookies. The program can be used on any web page that you control from commercial sites and association sites to blogs. Do your users need to visit your site regularly, it is obvious with
The Ultimate Shortcut.

A short video on how to do your settings, 51 sec.

A short video on how your customers do their settings, 1:16 sec.

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